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12 Signs Your Pet is Crying for Help

12 signs your pet is crying for help

Is your cat just tired, or does it have a fever? Has your dog been drinking more water than usual? Can that be a sign of something dangerous? If you notice any of the following warning signs, take your pet to the vet urgently! We love our pets. They are …

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How old is my cat in human years ?

how old is my cat

Cats are absolutely brilliant when it comes to hiding their pain, a disease or any symptoms of feline stress that they can tell they are not well. The reason is in evolution: for a cat that lives outside the home, it is natural to hunt mice, but it has a …

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Do dogs and cats also get lice?

dogs and cats lice

Oddly enough, dogs and cats can also catch lice. Although we associate these insects with the head of the children, and with the dreaded circulars of the school that warn of their arrival in the classrooms, these unwanted guests can also affect our four-legged friends. And, contrary to what happens …

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