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How to clean a dog’s teeth?

dog's teeth

Mouth cleaning should be a habit that owners have to have with their dogs, since it not only eliminates bad breath but protects them from infections that can cause pain and discomfort. Since they are puppies, they have to get used to this dental routine, so that when it comes …

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6 tips to choose a costume for your pet

costume for your pet

If you want to enjoy dressing up your dog or cat, you have to follow some guidelines so that he also has a good time. How to choose a costume for your pet? Unlike children who can’t wait to wear their favorite costume at festivals like Halloween, dogs and cats …

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If Your Cat Acts Strangely, Don’t Worry

cat acts strangely

“Cats live for themselves,” – Rudyard Kipling claimed. They aren’t inclined to become attached to others. Unlike dogs, which wag their tails and run up to you for a hug, cats are much more reserved. Their owners can only guess what their furry companions are feeling. It’s time to decode …

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How to Choose the Perfect Dog Breed

dog breed

A complete guide to finding a dog to perfectly match your personality and lifestyle. With hundreds of dog breeds to choose from, which one would perfectly suit you and your needs? Dogs are the funniest, cutest and friendliest ever! They’re not called “man’s best friend” for nothing, right? But with …

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How often is it advisable to bathe your dog?

bathe your dog

If your dog could bark at you the list of things he least likes in the world, taking a bath would be among them. The fact that the dog shower is often a chaotic moment, in which all involved literally end up running through water, does not make things easier …

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Does your dog stinks ? Five possible reasons

dog stinks

We know you are a responsible owner and bathe your four-legged friend regularly. You keep track of flea and tick medication, you buy a healthy and balanced food. And you swear that your pet has not been the target of the fetid burst of a pretty but fragrant skunk. Still, …

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How to get your puppy not to pee at home

puppy not to pee

We know: being a perfect dog human is hard work. The task is complicated if, suppose, your dog starts peeing inside the house. You clean it thoroughly. But it happens again; and after a few days it happens again. And if you want to test your nerves, adopt a puppy: …

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