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costume for your pet

6 tips to choose a costume for your pet

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If you want to enjoy dressing up your dog or cat, you have to follow some guidelines so that he also has a good time.

How to choose a costume for your pet?

Unlike children who can’t wait to wear their favorite costume at festivals like Halloween, dogs and cats have more than enough with their big coat of hair. But they may not be interested in wearing a costume in order to make their human happy. The costume for your pet should reflect his personality, and it is equally important that it be safe. By following these tips, you can make sure your pet feels comfortable and attracts all eyes.

Tips to disguise your pet

Choose a costume light enough

Dogs have a great coat that is responsible for shelter, as do cats. That is why it is not necessary for them to wear clothes, since they do not need it. At the time of disguise them it is important to choose a fabric that is light and breathable. A heavy and hot costume can make an animal suffocate and start panting more than normal.

Avoid small parts

Animals often show great curiosity when they discover new objects, hence the inexplicable need to bring everything to their mouth. So avoid costumes that contain small pieces such as buttons, plastics, hanging fabrics or shiny stones. If they eat these elements, they could cause major problems in their digestive tract.

The pet should feel comfortable

Mobility is essential so that the animal does not feel uncomfortable. It is essential that wearing the costume you can walk normally, sit, lie down and eat. An outfit that is too small will hinder your mobility, as will one that is too large.

Don’t block his ears or his eyes

It can be frustrating for an animal to wear a mask that hinders their vision or a hat that completely covers their ears. The animal will not be able to understand why some of its senses are suddenly obstructed and will begin to feel anxiety or anguish.

Do not skimp on quality

Dogs and cats are animals that enjoy constantly moving and running everywhere; If you want the costume does not end up breaking within a few minutes, the best option is to choose a resistant and quality fabric. In addition, you will ensure that it does not affect your skin and feels comfortable to the touch.

Respect his adaptation process

When buying a costume for your pet, it is important to know that the animal will not adapt overnight. The process will be slow and you should put it a few minutes a day to assimilate and be comfortable.

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