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Bear, the dog that rescues koalas, is the new Internet hero

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The new Internet hero is called Bear and he is a rescued dog who now rescues koalas from the fires of Australia.

A few days ago the world was moved by the video of a woman who appeared walking through the fire and wearing her own clothes to rescue a koala who had been trapped in the fires of Australia. In the video, it looked like the woman took off her shirt, took the injured animal in her hands and used water to try to turn it off, then it was learned that she took him to the hospital, but that he died due to the severity of his injuries.

Unfortunately, that is not the only koala that has been affected by recent fires and not everyone is lucky enough to meet people willing to risk their own lives to save them (although they are an endangered species, they have no way to defend themselves and must be protected), that’s where Bear appears.


The Internet learned about the story of the rescued puppy named Bear thanks to Tom Hanks, aka the best human being on this planet (after Bill Murray), and, from that moment, everyone was madly in love with this hero who, at the time, also It was rescued.

Bear is a dog that was trained to detect koalas and is working in an area of Australia that has suffered dozens of forest fires in recent weeks. Your job is to find the survivors of the fires so they can be rescued and taken to a safe place where they can be treated.

How did Tom Hanks find out about the Internet’s favorite hero? In preparation for the premiere of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, in which he plays the legendary television host Mr. Rogers (who, as Hanks recently learned, is also his distant cousin, because two such perfect people clearly had to be connected) , the actor who invited to read the most beautiful, kind and pure tweets on the Internet (a “parody” of Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets), and there he came across the story of this dog that works by rescuing the most vulnerable.

Like the rest of the Internet, the actor was so moved by Bear’s story that he even asked Disney to make a movie about his life. “This is a Disney movie that must be made: the story of Bear, the koala detection dog,” said Hanks. “That’s adorable.”

Bear belongs to the International Fund for Animal Welfare Australia and is trained by a group of caregivers of the Detection Dogs for Conservation, who have already trained dozens of dogs like him to perform rescue work throughout Australia.

How is it that Bear can do this?

“The sense of smell of a dog is up to 10,000 times stronger than that of humans. We train highly protected and highly active dogs, which would otherwise never be adopted, to sniff the skin and coat of koalas,” says the IFAW website. ** “By locating the excrement, and in some cases the koalas themselves, we can collect data on the genetics and health of the local population of koalas. We can also use this data to protect individual animals and conserve ecosystems. “. **

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