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Why your cat can’t be vegan or vegetarian

vegan cats

The global inclination to abandon meat consumption or at least reduce it is such that The Economist has declared this 2019 as “The Year of the Vegan.” But the trend raises doubts, especially when it comes to our hairiest friends: can cats or dogs become vegan? We already clarified at …

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Do dogs and cats also get lice?

dogs and cats lice

Oddly enough, dogs and cats can also catch lice. Although we associate these insects with the head of the children, and with the dreaded circulars of the school that warn of their arrival in the classrooms, these unwanted guests can also affect our four-legged friends. And, contrary to what happens …

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Dogs and cats, beyond the myth: five keys to get along

dogs and cats

Dogs and cats are often presented as the worst enemies, but this is not always the case. Who assures it is Sophie Hall, a researcher at the University of Lincoln, in the United Kingdom, and co-author of a scientific paper – published by the Journal of Veterinary Behavior in 2018 …

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