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A loyal dog meets its owner after four years

loyal dog

The loyalty that some animals have to their owners is surprising. An example of this is Leo, a street dog who has spent the last four years waiting on a road from Khon Kaen (Thailand) to his family until social networks have reunited them again. The loyal dog has gone …

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Can dogs know what time it is?


To say that dogs have a notion of time similar to that of humans may be exaggerated; or maybe not, but so far it has not been scientifically proven. However, there are some experiments that give some idea of how dogs could experience the passage of time. Specifically, this field …

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Canine Alzheimer’s: how to detect if our dog has it

canine alzheimer's

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome, or canine Alzheimer’s, occurs in more than half of dogs that reach older ages Dogs age at a faster rate than we do, so we are doomed to witness the ravages of the passing of the years in their body. And also in his mind. To the …

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6 tips to choose a costume for your pet

costume for your pet

If you want to enjoy dressing up your dog or cat, you have to follow some guidelines so that he also has a good time. How to choose a costume for your pet? Unlike children who can’t wait to wear their favorite costume at festivals like Halloween, dogs and cats …

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The chinchilla as a pet


Among the current trends to have animals at home, is the use of chinchilla as a pet. Here we tell you its main characteristics and guidelines to adopt. Chinchilla as a pet is a very trendy option today. These are small rodents as affectionate as they are quiet, which allow …

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A dog takes care of an abandoned giraffe


The video of the dog that takes care of an orphan giraffe has thrilled thousands of users on the networks. An animal sanctuary, specialized in those who have been abandoned by their parents, has been the scene of this peculiar history. The Rhino Orphanage of Limpopo, in South Africa, regularly …

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