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Narwhal, the ‘unicorn dog’ abandoned by his appearance, already has a family

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When Narwhal, the puppy with a tail that grew in the middle of his forehead was abandoned and treated at a rescue center, many of those who followed his sad story through social networks already predicted that the queues for adoption would be “historic.”

This ‘unicorn dog’ stole the hearts of thousands of people around the world after the Mac’s Mission rescue organization found him on an icy street to give him all the attention he deserved.

The organization began posting photos and videos of him on his Facebook channel and, in a matter of days, Narwhal became a star on social networks, where he received dozens of comments of love.

In this way, and before such a public exhibition, Mac’s Mission was flooded with hundreds of requests for adoption. Many offering large amounts of money, which led to extreme caution in finding a home for the little dog. Something that has already occurred.

According to Mirror, Narwhal has found his home forever with the founder of Mac’s Mission, Rochelle Steffen, and will help in the work of the center to care for dogs that have been mistreated, injured or have birth defects.

“I had no intention initially of adopting it,” Rochelle said. “I didn’t want a puppy. But Narwhal is exactly what we needed. It’s not just my decision, we’re all in love with him,” he said.

When he was rescued, the veterinarians examined the malformation of Narwhal – for which he is nicknamed a unicorn dog – and ensure that there is no need to touch it, at least for the moment, since the specialists want to make sure that the tail will not present a problem later.

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Posted by Mac the pitbull on Wednesday, November 27, 2019

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