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Why is your dog losing weight but still eating

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Your dog is your life. You concern more on your body and your little four-legged buddy. No matter what breed they are, your dog will go through several periods of weight loss and weight gain.

But, it is necessary to identify accurately whether your pet dog is gaining or losing weight. And if it is weight loss, then some problems need answers. Is it an abnormal weight loss? And there are exceptional cases as well. Is your dog losing weight but still eating? Why is your losing weight but again eating?

Then, this article is especially for you. We are bringing information about different reasons that lead to weight in dogs.

Dogs are like humans, no specific size, or fittings in common. Just like an ordinary doctor inspect on reasons for your illness, a vet will do that too. So, it would help if you regarded different potential causes for weight loss in your dog.

This article is specially modified and created, forming a few crucial reasons for the loss of weight in your petty buddy.

01. Malnourishment

Malnourishment is a simple, clear idea of poor health. Malnutrition is poor health, and nutrition profoundly portrays by dull behavior. Some other features are lifeless coating, more layers of fat and lipids, bad dental health, and hygiene. Even your pet might have trouble in poop.

Weak and lousy nutrition is due to bad food habits. It includes overeating, not having adequate exercise, and even consuming food with poor quality.

Some vital signs are used to identify malnourishment. They are,

  • The appearance of the bone, including the rib cage.
  • Smelly gas and bowel movements inconsistently.
  • Reduce energy.
  • Prone to illnesses easily.

02. Diabetics ( Most common case for dog losing weight )

This diabetics issue is no different from humans. Lower insulin levels and high sugar content in the body will increase the appetite of your dog. Yet, they are losing weight. Dogs of seniority and obese dogs are high risks to this condition. Also, like in people, this disease condition can be genetically passing too.

03. Anxiety

It could be either stress or anxiety that steals your buddy’s appetite. Dogs need to have a sense of security to eat. Moreover, if they are worried and anxious about their surroundings, they will not eat. They do not sense safe to follow the daily routine and graze freely. There are few signals given to indicate the situation. It includes,

  • Urinating and defecating inside the house.
  • Continuous barking and howling.
  • Destructive behavior.
  • Escaping or running away.

04. Tapeworm or Parasite

This condition is way too common and severe to distinguish. The reason for weight loss in your pet dog could be the work of a tapeworm. Maybe they work off a harmful parasite.

Dog having some parasite shows weight loss rapidly and more often. Weight loss is because if the dog is wasting and pest consumes all food eaten by the dog.

05. Diseases in the liver

Dogs with this condition will also deal with a lack of carbs and sugars. When the dog suffers, they will not have the essential nutrients required by the liver. Accordingly, the signs of this disease condition are,

  • Weight loss
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Increased in appetite
  • Seizures

06. Addison’s disease

This condition is an adrenal insufficiency in the body of the dog. This results in a steroid hormone deficit. The symptoms of this disease condition include vomiting, diarrhea, lack of energy, and low blood pressure. This condition is relatively rare among dogs, but the situation is profoundly affecting weight loss.


In conclusion, we believe that it is ultimately the responsibility of the owner to take care of the dog. It is your doggy. It is your loving four-legged creature. So, love it. Make it and find the cause for the weight loss in your dog and cure it! End your dog losing weight!


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