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6 Dog Breeds That Are Not for Families with Kids

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Many parents think that keeping a dog as a companion for a little kid is safe. It is true. But still, you need to consider what type of companion you choose. This article is a complete guide on the top 6 dog breeds that are not for families with kids. Could you keep reading and find them out?

Let’s jump into the topic.

01. Corgi

Corgi considered being a small shepherd dog who believes it is significant. It is specially not suitable for families with little infants and toddlers. Soft-hearted people are not good trainers for Corgi. That is because they can spoil the pup with all the love cuddling and hugging and kissing. So, little Corgis can be easily aggressive.

They will test their limits and find methods in which they can escape. Sincerely, no one recognizes them that way. Because these little puppies are so sweet! So cute! These dogs learn to gather kids and to hurt them, especially their tiny toes and legs. Corgis are very intelligent and positioned as eleventh in the 138 dogs smart list.


02. Pekingese

The prominent feature of a Pekinese is their self-centeredness. Most Pekinese dogs hate kids who make many noises and touch them too much or even cuddle them. These dogs do not resist such behavior. Their owner has not bothered their training procedure; the dog can also tend to bite.

If you want a dog with a significant character, then a Pekinese is good. But, if you think of a pet for your little kid, then make considerations on some other breed. Pekinese is the 132 dogs in the 138 dogs’ intelligent list.


03. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas considered being the smallest dog breed in the world. And these tiny Chihuahuas are aware of their fragility. So, that is why they do not particularly trust children, especially infants and toddlers. A little kid can imagine this dog more like a toy and a cute teddy bear, maybe. Not like a living creature.

Moreover, most Chihuahuas are like kids themselves. They attach to their one owner and trainer and are jealous if someone else comes in their master’s life. If your Chihuahua not appropriately trained, it might start to bite. And its tiny teeth are sharp, very sharp. This dog is in the 125th position in the dogs’ intelligence list.

04. Alabai

Alabai is a central Asian shepherd dog. This dog breed looks like a little fluffy bear mainly a white one. But do not make yourself a fool; this dog is enormous. Alabai dogs are perfect protectors and security providers.

But, still, they manage to overlook. That is why a family Alabai needs a full training course. This training is an essential part of teaching the dog the government of the family. They can be a little slower in obeying commands. Still, if you want a dog that looks like a fluffy bear for your kid, try another breed.


05. Basenji

Basenji or African Barkless Dog is a model dog at the first look. Basenjis neither smell nor make noise nor hard eyeing pets. Basenjis are infinity curios and very, very smart. As a result, they are highly disobedient. These Basenjis makes the proud second place in the intelligent dog list.


06. Husky

Husky is a dog with kids’ attitudes and very naughty and highly energetic. Not only that but also husky is not aggressive at all. This breed is very strong and big, playful, and can show its feeling by jumping at your kid. They are the 77th most intelligent dog in the 138 smart dog list.


In conclusion, we hope that you understood the six dog breeds that are not for families with kids. Then, bring a pet for your kid out of this list.


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