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dog stinks
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Does your dog stinks ? Five possible reasons

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We know you are a responsible owner and bathe your four-legged friend regularly. You keep track of flea and tick medication, you buy a healthy and balanced food. And you swear that your pet has not been the target of the fetid burst of a pretty but fragrant skunk. Still, does your dog stinks ? There are reasons that explain why.

I am a dog, then I smell like a dog

All animals, including humans, have a distinctive smell. Neither good nor bad, but characteristic. The strange thing would be that a dog didn’t smell like a dog. Done the release, let’s admit another hairy truth: your pet loves the incidents that involve smelling bad. Croquettes in the mud, has a magnet for the most foul puddles, when not for worse things. And, as a rule, he hates you bathing him.

If your four-legged friend is among those addicted to stinky incidents and enjoys like a puppy battering in the grass and its dubious corners, don’t blame him. He is just being a dog.

Solution: Try to reduce the chances that your friend will end up in a pestilent mess. But if it’s too late, wait for it to run out -totally, a chrome is already made-, prepare a warm water bath, arm yourself with your dog shampoo and give it a good head-to-tail review.

Does food affect my dog’s smell?

In the same way that when someone is stuffed with garlic this food can end up impregnating their sweat, or if we are addicted to curry our skin will give us away, what the dog eats can also affect his body fluids. Although your pet only sweats through the pads of its paws, so it is more complicated to notice, volatile food particles can remain in the saliva, and will release them through the breath, or in the urine.

However, when the food is deficient, it causes an allergy or the stomach of our friend has a hard time processing it, more common in older dogs, the diet can cause digestive and skin problems that accentuate the bad smell.

Solution: since the diet can affect the dog’s smell, if you are worried, consult your veterinarian to consider a change.

Those doggy breezes

We all know someone who has blamed his pet for an untimely flatulence. Although the gases are as natural in humans as in dogs, if your dog looks like a bag of pebbles, it’s time to check his diet. You may need to modify the origin of your food proteins or, directly, change brands.

Solution: Talk to the vet to see what diet you may need. And make an appointment for a review and cleaning of your pet’s anal glands. Believe me: you don’t want to do it. Leave this tricky matter in professional hands.

If your dog stinks it can reveal a disease …

If despite your regular baths your dog stinks, you have to go to the vet. It turns out that there are a lot of health problems that can cause dog stink. Among them, diabetes, which gives the skin a sweet tuffillo, or a renal failure. Even an ear infection is as painful for your pet as it is fragrant for you.

Solution: go to the vet.

Hairy wrinkles: beautiful but fragrant

If you live with a wrinkled-skinned dog, such as shar pei, a Pekingese or a bulldog, keep an eye on those adorable folds. Animals with this type of skin are prone to dermatitis, which translates into “odorous skin.”

Solution: use wipes or dog towels to clean the folds of the skin, avoid infection and end the nasty tuffillo.

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