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Are harnesses bad for dogs? [ A must read !! ]

harnesses bad for dogs

Are harnesses bad for dogs? Are the collars a better option? There are many myths and believes when it comes to using a dog harness. People tend to think that the classic collars are the best, but they ignore considering whether the dog’s health is at an optimum level. Dog …

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Six ordinary foods that might harm your pet

pet ordinary foods

There is a huge responsibility within the owners to protect your pets. This article bought to share our knowledge of six different types of ordinary food, which is harmful to pets. The given food types are perfect for humans except for bones. It would be best if you remembered that …

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6 best attack dogs breeds | Most powerful guard dogs

best attack dogs breeds

Everything is potentially powerful. The same is with the creatures considered as the best friend of man. There are different types of dogs. And each type has various capacities of power. This article bought to show the different kinds of but yet the 6 best attack dogs breeds. Still, you …

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Why is your dog losing weight but still eating

dog losing weight

Your dog is your life. You concern more on your body and your little four-legged buddy. No matter what breed they are, your dog will go through several periods of weight loss and weight gain. But, it is necessary to identify accurately whether your pet dog is gaining or losing …

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6 Dog Breeds That Are Not for Families with Kids

dog breeds

Many parents think that keeping a dog as a companion for a little kid is safe. It is true. But still, you need to consider what type of companion you choose. This article is a complete guide on the top 6 dog breeds that are not for families with kids. …

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