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loyal dog

A loyal dog meets its owner after four years

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The loyalty that some animals have to their owners is surprising. An example of this is Leo, a street dog who has spent the last four years waiting on a road from Khon Kaen (Thailand) to his family until social networks have reunited them again.

The loyal dog has gone viral on social networks in early September, when a Facebook user shared photos of the furry in hopes of finding its owners. He always found him in the same place, sitting, waiting and looking in the same direction, which made him think he had been abandoned.

However, he soon realized that the animal, far from being in poor condition, seemed well fed and strong so, investigating a little, he met a woman who brought him food and water every day. Soawalak, that’s her name, found Leo for the first time in the same place, several years ago and in a really bad state. That’s why he decided to take him home and take care of him until he was well.

Although everything seemed to have reached a happy ending, one day, Leo disappeared and Soawalak found him again on the same road where he found him the first time, so he decided not to take him back, but feed him equally.

Given this situation, the user decided to share the beautiful story on social networks, telling the work of the woman, who went every day to take care of the hairy and, as if an act of fate were involved, the photos of the dog came to the eyes of Its former owner.

Nang Noi Sittisarn, a 64-year-old woman from the Thai province of Roi Et, was surprised when her daughter showed her the Facebook photo of BobBon, the beloved dog that the family lost in 2015, during a trip. Apparently, the animal was traveling in the back of a van (open) and had to jump for something that caught his attention while the car was stopped at the traffic light on the road where they found the dog.

The family looked for him for a couple of weeks, just as Oddity Central picks up, but they didn’t find it and gave it up. Possibly, it was the period of time that Leo / BobBon spent with Saowalak at home.

When they reached the place where the dog was waiting, the family started calling him and the animal ran towards them waving its tail. However, the dog did not want to return home with them: he had been with Saowalak for so long that he no longer wanted to separate from her. This is why Nang decided to leave his pet with his new owner, although he assured that he would come to visit him whenever he can.

loyal dog

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