Do dogs and cats need sleep as much as we do?

If you live with a cat or a dog, chances are that your furry companion is at the moment taking a nap. All animals need sleep: sleep hours help us retain what we have learned and are essential for our immune system to function well. But there are species that require sleep longer than others: while humans we spend a third of the day sleeping,...

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Do dogs and cats also get lice?

Oddly enough, dogs and cats can also catch lice. Although we associate these insects with the head of the children, and with the dreaded circulars of the school that warn of their arrival in the classrooms, these unwanted guests can also affect our four-legged friends. And, contrary to what happens with fleas and ticks, the risk of your dog or cat catching lice grows during...

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Why cats prefer to drink water from the tap?

Cats do not stop surprising us. Nor to ask ourselves questions about his many times considered "strange behaviors." And Twitter is a reflection of this: a few months ago the social network exploded with funny videos of pussies with "drinking problems", after becoming viral a video of a cat who drank from the bathroom faucet with difficulty, and that accumulates more of six million views....

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