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5 things you do to your dog that he hates in secret

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Although dogs love being with their owners, there are also things about them that they don’t like at all.

Although these pets tend to love their masters above all things, there are behaviors towards them that do not like anything, even if they accept them as a toll in exchange for home and food.

However, these things are not usually concrete, as they are in humans, because dogs have something similar to personality, including their own phobias and subjects of worship. This was explained to the specialized portal IFL Science by Columbia University researcher Alexandra Horowitz, specializing in canine behavior and cognition.

However, there are some behaviors that could be said to be universally hated by dogs, although not everyone reacts the same to them and it is important to know the symptoms of stress in these animals.

Thus, Horowitz emphasizes attitudes or things that owners do with their pets that they deeply resent. The worst – for them – is that it is very common behaviors of humans towards their dogs something that, once read, has all the logic.

5 things you do to your dog that he hates in secret

Pull them when they smell

“Humans do not value smells too much, but dogs live in an olfactory world. When you go for a walk with your dog, it is both watching and smelling but, above all, you are watching. Dogs mostly smell,” he says.

“So the person who walks their dogs tied to a leash and constantly keeps them from trying to smell every corner, every extinguisher, objects in the grass invisible to the human eye … that’s horrible for the dog. The only thing what they want is to know the world, “adds the expert.

Lock them up at parties

Dogs are stressed by fireworks and firecrackers, something well known to anyone who owns any of this pet. Obviously, they do not understand that this thunderous noise serves to commemorate dates or events, no matter how much we try to explain it.

So what they deduce – if this verb can be applied to animals – is that the sky is falling apart. Therefore, it is common for their masters to tend to lock them in a room, so they feel safe there.

The result is just the opposite; the safest thing is that they try to escape from the noise and that when they run into a closed door they even become self-injured. What the specialist recommends is that a “safe space” be created for them, but never closed or where they feel trapped.

Not give them independence

Unlike cats, dogs are known to be the most faithful companions and that ability to constantly stay with their masters is one of the reasons why they are very dear animals. However, we must not forget that these are individual beings, not an extension of ourselves. For this reason, they need some degree of independence.

Leave them with strangers

Various studies have shown that dogs like new places, but with one condition: being in them with the people they usually live with. A study published in 2014 showed that dogs suffered stress when placed in a new place with unknown people. The perfect example: dog kindergartens that allow owners to go on vacations without charges.

Take them at the wrong time

Walking the dog is beneficial from the psychological, social and physiological point of view, both for the human and for the animal, but there are certain times of the day in some seasons when that walk can cause them stress.

The examples given by the expert are quite obvious, such as not taking the animal out at noon in the heat wave.

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